Anne Wisgo, AnneWisgo Photgraphy, Holy Spriit Adoration Sisters, Covent of Divine Love, Green streeet

I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, an area saturated in Catholicism, in a family devoted to their Catholic beliefs. And while my personal search and journey continues, the foundation of my youth will always be at the very core of who I am. I am proud to be Catholic, to be part of a church which Christ started himself as he walked among us.

From my first encounter as a young girl, I have been spellbound by the Pink Sisters and the mystery and seclusion within their cloister. As a young woman, I worked just blocks away and was frequently drawn to the Chapel at the Convent of Divine Love. The landscape and serenity presented a world so different than mine. I was awed by the humility and moved by the grace and holiness that radiated from behind the grille.

The imagery was so stunning, I dreamt of telling their story through a book of photographs. It was not until several years later when my camera lens became an indispensable part of my life, my visual voice...that this would become a reality.

The development of the book was a three step process. As a unique friendship with one of the Sister's flourished, my photography and the desire to tell their story became a topic of our conversations. Eventually this led to a meeting with Sister Superior of the Convent of Divine Love. My written proposal was then forwarded to Mother General in Germany for consideration. In November of 2009, I was given an unprecedented honor - the permission to go inside the cloister to document the lives of the Pink Sisters.

Along the way the project became a collaboration with my friend, mentor and fellow photographer, Sara Lindkrantz, without whom this undertaking would not have been possible. I admire Sara's talent, love her work and thank God for her inspiration.

I spent the first year of the project conducting personal interviews with the Sisters. Since then, I have spent many days photographing within the cloistered walls of the convents.

Behind these walls and apart from the world are ordinary women who have answered God's call. They have made a significant and courageous choice to become a Pink Sister. It is a privilege for me and my camera to take you into their extraordinary lives.

*All proceeds from this project will be donated to the Pink Sisters to aid in their mission.