Anne Wisgo, AnneWisgo Photgraphy, Holy Spriit Adoration Sisters, Covent of Divine Love, Green streeet

The Book 

Can you imagine an attraction so powerful, so strong, and so undeniable that it inspires you to abandon life as you know it to assume a new identity?

Can you imagine leaving your family, your friends, your career, your wealth, and all of your material possessions for a life of silence and seclusion, apart from the world forever?

A Pink Sister can imagine nothing else.   To her, the burning call to a cloistered life is an extraordinary grace from God -  a call that cannot go unanswered.   She enters the cloister with God but does not forget the world she has left behind.  She remembers it always, in every action, every prayer.

Sister kneels in perpetual adoration behind a grille that separates her from the world beyond.  She is stunning, her form impeccable; her pink and white habit captivating as it reflects the light through the stained glass windows.

The Sisters’ distinctive rose colored habits are a witness to their vocation and a symbol of their joy and dedication to the Holy Spirit.  From dawn to dusk and  throughout the night, the Sisters, in each of their twenty two convents around the globe,  take turns kneeling in perpetual adoration, keeping a prayerful vigil on behalf of the entire world.

Day after day, people of all faiths walk into the Chapel to witness the power of the Pink Sister’s relationship with God.

The Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters, affectionately known as the Pink Sisters, were founded in Holland in 1896 by Saint Arnold Janssen and Mother Mary Michaele. The Convent of Divine Love, the first convent in the US opened in 1915.  Since then, twenty two convents have been established around the world.

It is a privilege for me and my camera to be the eyes through which you are able to take a glimpse into the world of the Pink Sisters.  A world of mystery, a world of grace and beauty, a hidden life, often misunderstood... unveiled for the first time in a book of intimate photographs and revealing personal stories.

The Pink Sisters book is currently available for purchase.  Please contact the Convent of Divine Love at (215) 567-0123 for your copy!